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People living with disabilities in Nepal still face discrimination and many of their needs are not met. Nepal has recently ratified international convention on people living with disabilities, but a lot needs to be done to implement policies and take action to bring desired positive changes in the lives of differently‐able people. Children with disabilities suffer more as they are deprived of their rights to education, proper health care, and are vulnerable to different abuses.

Nepal is in a painful transition period after the end of a decade long armed conflict. Reminiscence of violence prevails in many segments of society. Peoples’ aspiration for peace should be promoted through various means to ensure inclusive peace and peaceful transition from the conflict situation.

Dance is also an effective therapeutic method in many countries to bring benefit to children and adults suffering from trauma, mental illness, and behavioral difficulties.  It is medically proved that it helps to increase self confidence and release emotions to the physically challenged people.

With this objective in mind, a 45 minute event “Expression of Peace through Dance” was organized on the tune of my songs including my very popular song “Shanti Lukaun Kahan”. This event was choreographed by Mr. Charan Pradhan involving children and adults with a range of abilities from different backgrounds. Some of the young people were physically and mentally challenged, others were survivors of spinal injuries in wheel chairs or using crutches. Mr. Pradhan has been involved in many countries in promoting therapeutic dance for many years.

The objective of the event was not only to promote peace through dance and music, but also to create awareness among the public about the potential and rights of differently able children and adults.  Fifty seven children and youth from various organizations took part in the dance show, which was highly appreciated by the audience.

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3