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Industrialist Basant Chaudhary launched his song "Shanti Lukaun Kahan" on the onset of the historical Constituent Assembly Polls. The words he has penned down for the song is truly inspirational and can be helpful to guide the people of the country towards a New Nepal we all aspire. The song has been composed by Nhyoo Bajracharya. Suraj Singh Thakuri is the director of the music video. Artistes Bishnu Chemjong, Ciney Gurung, Reema Gurung Hoda, Ani Chhoying Dolma, Prashna Shakya, Nima Rumba, Yogeshwor Amatya, Nhyoo Bajracharya, Satya Raj and Sworup Raj Acharya have lent their voices in the song.
Glimpses of the World Premiere of the video

The Team share their experiences

Nhyoo Bajracharya: "Composing the music for the peace anthem " Shanti Lukaun Kahan" was something fun to do. Seriously, it was like a picnic or a fun get-together you know because all who have lent their voices in the anthem are some of my very closed friends. And I am extremely grateful they all showed up in just one call. Besides, contributing music to an anthem and especial "peace" anthem to that is always an honor and I thank Mr. Basanta Chaudhary for the wonderful project he made me a part of".


Prashna Shakya: "The experience was great. The song was so inspiring, I feel proud to have lent my voices in a song that holds so much of substance."

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lyricist basant k chaudhary on his song

My dear friends,

Peace is a state of harmony, which all human beings are looking for in their lives. Peace describes the relation between one’s construction and creativity. Peace only lasts where people are characterized by respect, justice and goodwill. Peace only dwells when human rights are respected, when no one starves for food and where individuals and nations are free. Read More»


Peace Anthem Concert

People living with disabilities in Nepal still face discrimination and many of their needs are not met. Nepal has recently ratified international convention on people living with disabilities, but a lot needs to be done to implement policies and take action to bring desired positive changes in the lives of differently‐able people. Children with disabilities suffer more as they are deprived of their rights to education, proper health care, and are vulnerable to different abuses. Read More»

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