lyricist basant k chaudhary on his song

My dear friends,

Peace is a state of harmony, which all human beings are looking for in their lives. Peace describes the relation between one’s construction and creativity. Peace only lasts where people are characterized by respect, justice and goodwill. Peace only dwells when human rights are respected, when no one starves for food and where individuals and nations are free.

Peace is unachievable through violence, as you can never shake hands with a clenched fist. Peace is attained through understanding.

My song “Shanti Lukaun Kahan…” is a manifestation of the current situation of Nepal where everyone is worried as how to preserve the little bit of peace that is left with us. Thus, I wish to dedicate this song to every peace loving people of Nepal.

Inspired by the imagination of a peaceful new Nepal, let us hold each other’s hand and guide ourselves towards the world of peace. “Let there be peace… and let it begin with this song....”

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